Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fancy Featherz by Marie Brewer

Marie Brewer took our regular Featherz wreath and free handed it into a custom feather wreath. Great work.
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Circle Lord Featherz Template

Many quilters can do freehand feathers, effortlessly. This template is dedicated, to those of us,like me, whose feathers look like a pillow fight.

The Circle Lord  gives you templates, that can do many patterns. The Aztec can do hundreds, the Gingko over 100.

Because, the template is held firmly on the table by the Circle Lord, each pattern can be positioned exactly, and the pattern reproduced accurately. The stepping disk function is the reason you can do this.

You have 16 holes around the outside, and a pin on the baseplate. Stepping out a pattern is not much slower than if the total pattern were on one template. The benefit is, that you get many patterns for same price as for one pattern.

In the case of the new Featherz template, there are 6 feather segments and two COG segments. The first four feathers are 11.5", 10", 8.5" and 7". The next 2 are left hand versions of the 8.5" and the 7". The wavy lines on the outside are called Cog segments. You get 5 bonus patterns from these.So in the end you have at least 11 patterns on this one template. Each Feather Wreath takes from 3 to 5 minutes to do.

Below is a picture of the template itself - PRETTY UGLY! EH?

Here is the real thing.

The 7" left hand wreath

Here is the the double Cog

Feathers Border Description

Featherz $79.00
15" Featherz Border $ 59.00
12" Featherz Border $ 49.00

Cheers, Michael


"I'm using the Featherz template and I thought the wreath just didn't look finished. The next size up was the 10" and it was too large to fit. Soooo, I decided to add some circles around it. This is not the circle from the Featherz template but from the basic CL. Doesn't it look great? I like the finished look it gives the quilt. Without the circles, the quilt was boring, just all feathers. Love it now. just wanted to share how pretty it looks with the circles around the wreath. Just don't see that much, thank you for the idea. Carol"

Here are pictures of "Wendy's Heart" table cloth quilted by Anne Freeman. It is about 50" x 50". The four outside wreaths are 10' ,and done with the Circle Lord Featherztemplate.
Anne freehanded the middle wreath because the space was less than the smallest 7" CL wreath.

Below is a Double Wedding Ring filled with Featherz Wreaths.

Kathy Dye has sent the following pictures of her quilt done with the Featherz Wreath.

"It sure made quick work of those feather blocks!!"
Thank you, Kathy
Quilts by Cristina of Spain below.

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These are pictures of quilts done by Cristina in Spain using the Featherz template.
Note that Cristina has used both left and right hand feathers.

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